Creative Director in Digital Design

Andy Huang is a Taiwan-born, American designer working and living in New York City. He graduated from Pratt Institute with a master degree in communication design. Andy is a digital Creative Director with 20 years working experience in the most prestigious digital design agencies in NYC including R/GA, Sapient, Razorfish and Ogilvy. He helps some of the world’s largest brands including Coca Cola, Samsung, Uniqlo, Nissan and INFINITI to deliver digital experience, products and services. His work received several awards from The Webby Awards, ADDY Awards and Communication Arts.

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Graphic Artist

Andy is also a very active graphic artist focusing on digital illustration and kept pushing his concept, style and technique to create his personal work for the past two decades. Andy’s work has appeared in international art and design festivals and exhibitions including New York Video Festival in Lincoln Center, Seattle NFT Museum, Art Directors Club (ADC) and OFFF digital festival. His work is selected into design book projects like Worldwide Graphic Design, Young Asian Graphic Designers, and DESIGN magazine. In 2005, his talent in graphic design was recognized by the US government as an Extraordinary Abilities foreigner (EB1) and therefore he received his US permanent residency. Now he is a US citizen living with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.

NFT Digital Art Collection

PlayMode is Andy Huang’s first NFT art collection. This is an ongoing project of unique 1/1 pieces of portraits.

Andy's two-decades of digital experience design background shaped his thinking of simplicity. This principle became an important part of developing his artistic side. Inspired by mid-century graphic design, Andy is digitally handcrafted for all his artwork. He uses uncompromising flat graphics, precise outlines, simplified shapes, bold colors, and odd and funny sensibilities to create colorful, playful and expressive work. His intention is to explore a new direction to mix modern design tradition with new digital aesthetics and add more fresh energy to spread delightful vibes. He pushes the boundary of those static portraits to carry narrative and movement where each personality shines through with heart and soul. Andy believes in blurring the line between design and art to release its full potential and embrace the latest technology and platform to elevate people's visual appreciation artfully, culturally and economically.

If Andy's work could put a smile on your face that would be the best compliment for him! Cheers and forever learning, creating and sharing.

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Featured artist in "Night Visions Projected Gallery" program in Patchogue curated by Museum of Contemporary Art, Long Island, NY

Seattle NFT Museum
Featured artist in "Pixel and Thread" exhibition at the world’s first NFT museum - Seattle NFT Museum

Art Directors Club
Featured artist in Laser Cat group show in Brooklyn

The 6IX Gallery
Featured artist in group show in Midtown Manhattan

Small Works Brooklyn
Featured artist in group show in Brooklyn

Worldwide Graphic Design
Featured artist in design book Worldwide Graphic Design

Young Asian Graphic Designers
Featured artist in design book Young Asian Graphic Designers

Featured artist in OFFF tour digital festival in Mexico City

XFUN magazine
Featured artist in XFUN magazine

New York Video Festival
Motion graphics program’s featured artist with screening session and discussion panel in Lincoln Center in NYC

Get It Louder
Featured artist in Get It Louder tour design exhibition in Beijing and Shanghai

DESIGN magazine
Featured artist in DESIGN magazine

Featured artist and Site Of The Month award in TAXI webzine

Featured artist in TOCA-ME webzine

Hint magazine
Work published in Hint fashion magazine

Design Is Kinky
Featured artist in Design Is Kinky webzine