Andy Huang is a Taiwan-born, American illustrator working and living in New York City. He graduated from Pratt Institute with a master degree in communication design. Formerly working at digital agencies as Creative Director designing digital experience and products for some of the world’s largest brands. Since 2021 Andy has shifted his energy to focus on creating illustrations driven by his passion. Andy’s illustration has been selected to exhibit at Art Directors Club (ADC), Seattle NFT Museum, New York Video Festival, MoCA L.I., GOXR virtual museum and OFFF digital festival. His work has appeared in several book projects like Worldwide Graphic Design, Young Asian Graphic Designers, and DESIGN magazine.

Artist Statement

Digital meets Mid-century Modern'' describes Andy’s concept of combining digital aesthetics and mid-century modern design tradition that conveys a sense of simplicity and timelessness. He uses uncompromising flat graphics, precise outlines, simplified shapes, bold colors, and odd and funny sensibilities. The result is a colorful, playful, witty and expressive work with uplifting vibes and fresh energy. His illustration has been pushed to be narrative by delivering story intelligently and delighting people creatively.


GOXR Virtual Museum
Selected artist for a 3D virtual group art exhibition in GOXR Metaverse

Luxembourg Museum
Awarded Certificate of Artistic Achievement from Luxembourg Art Prize 2022

Selected artist in Night Visions Projected Gallery program curated by Museum of Contemporary Art, Long Island, NY

Seattle NFT Museum
Selected artist in Pixel and Thread exhibition in the world’s first NFT museum - Seattle NFT Museum

Art Directors Club
Selected artist in Laser Cat group show in NYC

The 6IX Gallery
Selected artist in group show in NYC

Small Works Brooklyn
Selected artist in group show in NYC

Worldwide Graphic Design
Selected artist in design book Worldwide Graphic Design

Young Asian Graphic Designers
Selected artist in design book Young Asian Graphic Designers

Selected artist in OFFF tour digital festival in Mexico City

XFUN magazine
Selected artist in XFUN magazine

New York Video Festival
Motion graphics program’s selected artist with screening session and discussion panel in Lincoln Center in NYC

Get It Louder
Selected artist in Get It Louder tour design exhibition in Beijing and Shanghai

DESIGN magazine
Selected artist in DESIGN magazine

Selected artist and Site Of The Month award in TAXI webzine

Selected artist in TOCA-ME webzine

Hint magazine
Work published in Hint fashion magazine

Design Is Kinky
Selected artist in Design Is Kinky webzine

Andy Huang Profile