Andy Huang is a Taiwan-born, American artist and designer working and living in New York City. He graduated from Pratt Institute with a master degree in communication design. Andy has straddled the interactive design and personal artwork for 20 years. Working at top digital agencies like R/GA, Sapient, Razorfish and Ogilvy, he is a Creative Director leading the design team to deliver digital experience, products and services for some of the world’s largest brands such as Samsung, Uniqlo, Nissan, INFINITI, Kiehl’s and Citibank. His work received several awards and honors from The Webby Awards, ADDY Awards and Communication Arts.

In 2021, after experiencing the pandemic, Andy shifted his energy away from interactive design and started spending more times developing his artist side that’s what he is always feeling passionate about. Focusing on digital illustration, Andy kept pushing his concept, style and storytelling technique to digitally handcraft his artwork. Over the years, Andy’s artwork has been selected to exhibit at New York Video Festival in Lincoln Center, Seattle NFT Museum, Art Directors Club (ADC), OFFF digital festival and MoCA L.I., among others. His work was published in book projects like Worldwide Graphic Design, Young Asian Graphic Designers, and DESIGN magazine.

Artist Statement

Digital meets Mid-century Modern” articulates Andy’s concept of mixing digital aesthetics with modern design tradition to convey a sense of timelessness and simplicity. This is Andy’s response to our chaotic, complicated and ever-changing world. He uses uncompromising flat graphics, precise outlines, simplified shapes, bold colors, and odd and funny sensibilities to create colorful, playful and expressive work. Celebrating creativity with human touch and intelligently delivering messages that will make you smile, Andy’s intention is to push the limit of flat and still images to be narrative and refreshing. His mantra “Superflat+Superfun” describes his unique style and energy built explicitly in his artwork.

Art is transcendent and powerful. People will find it when they see art changes their mood, transforms their space, and gives value to their lives. More demand and culture shift fuels the blend of art and commerce, and technology has influenced how we create, share and consume art. Andy believes this is a great moment to create art, appreciate art and enjoy art culturally, innovatively and commercially.


GOXR Virtual Museum
Selected artist for a 3D virtual group art exhibition “Intersection: Between Reality and Illusion” in GOXR Metaverse.

Luxembourg Museum
Awarded "Certificate of Artistic Achievement" from Luxembourg Art Prize 2022 organized by Luxembourg Museum. An official certificate issued to artists deemed commendable by art professionals and Luxembourg Museum in recognition of high artistic quality on the international level.

Selected artist in “Night Visions Projected Gallery” program curated by Museum of Contemporary Art, Long Island, NY

Seattle NFT Museum
Selected artist in "Pixel and Thread" exhibition at the world’s first NFT museum - Seattle NFT Museum

Art Directors Club
Selected artist in Laser Cat group show in Brooklyn

The 6IX Gallery
Selected artist in group show in Midtown Manhattan

Small Works Brooklyn
Selected artist in group show in Brooklyn

Worldwide Graphic Design
Selected artist in design book Worldwide Graphic Design

Young Asian Graphic Designers
Selected artist in design book Young Asian Graphic Designers

Selected artist in OFFF tour digital festival in Mexico City

XFUN magazine
Selected artist in XFUN magazine

New York Video Festival
Motion graphics program’s selected artist with screening session and discussion panel in Lincoln Center in NYC

Get It Louder
Selected artist in Get It Louder tour design exhibition in Beijing and Shanghai

DESIGN magazine
Selected artist in DESIGN magazine

Selected artist and Site Of The Month award in TAXI webzine

Selected artist in TOCA-ME webzine

Hint magazine
Work published in Hint fashion magazine

Design Is Kinky
Selected artist in Design Is Kinky webzine